This week, House Democrats finally put a budget bill on the floor.

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In the wake of Veterans Day this week, my colleagues and I were focused on addressing the needs of our veterans who have given so much to our nation.  The House passed seven bills this week to honor their sacrifice and ensure they receive the benefits they deserve and have the opportunity to take advantage of small business opportunities available to them.

Highlights include the GI Bill Planning Act which would help military recruits make the right choice about which GI Bill benefits to sign up for, saving many of them an outdated $1,200 payment into an obsolete program with lower benefits.  Another bill, the Deborah Sampson Act, recognizes the efforts of women veterans and their unique needs by opening up an Office of Women’s Health at the VA and ensure appropriate care standards are in place for women veterans.  The Successful Entrepreneurship for Reservists and Veterans Act would help veterans connect with small business resources by requiring the Small Business Adminstration to include its efforts in outreach and promotion to veterans in its annual performance report.  These and the other bills the House passed are an important step to meeting our obligation to our veterans.

As I said on Veterans Day, America is the land of the free because we are the home of the brave. I thank our veterans for seeing the value of freedom and rising to America’s defense with unfailing strength no matter the cost. I also thank our military families for standing with our service members, supporting that great bravery and sharing in the sacrifice our veterans have made for us.

Recent Highlights

This week, I was able to visit with a number of veterans in Alleghany, Watauga, and Forsyth County.

I was also able to meet with the Carolinas Credit Union League.

This Week in History

On November 13th, 1982 the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated.  The stark black granite wall of the monument is inscribed with the names of all those who served in Vietnam, but did not return home.  They gave the greatest sacrifice possible for our nation and the memorial to them is a fitting tribute to their gift and a hallowed place in our nation’s capital.                                     

Next Week 

Next week, the House will take up legislation to issue regulations pertaining to workplace violence and a bill to continue funding the federal government through mid-December.  I am disappointed that the House Democrats continue prioritizing a one-sided impeachment inquiry, the biproduct of which is a failure to pass a permanent appropriations bill to fund the federal government in fiscal year 2020, including funding for our troops. 

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