This week, House Democrats finally put a budget bill on the floor.

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As our blessings from God have been plentiful this year, we have much to be thankful for as we celebrate this Thanksgiving.  While conflict continues in the Middle East, we remain free from pressing threats to our national security here at home thanks to the brave sacrifices of our military.  We have also benefited from another year of prosperity with low unemployment and positive wage growth that enables many to share the holiday with their family and friends.  For one day, we can set aside those worries that remain and take comfort in the warmth of our homes and relationships.  

For myself, I am thankful for the continued opportunity to serve each of you and North Carolina in Washington.  While it is frustrating to see the partisan battles continue that so frequently distract from important work, it is comforting to know that we remain a republic where individuals of all beliefs can express themselves and compete to win the debates of the day.  My work will continue to focus on maintaining an environment where those blessings of security and prosperity continue and I will not stop fighting for our North Carolina values.

 Workplace Violence

Last week, Democrats passed H.R. 1309, overly prescriptive and ill-conceived legislation that will likely impose many unintended consequences on health care and social service workplaces and inflict a costly mandate on health care providers costing them billions of dollars.  That was an unfortunate outcome, as protecting the safety of health care and social service workers is not a partisan issue. All of us, regardless of our political beliefs, appreciate the hard work and empathy that health care workers and community caregivers demonstrate every single day on the job.

Given this bipartisan interest, it is frustrating that the Democrats have moved forward with this rushed and ill-conceived legislation.   Employers are already required to take definitive steps to protect employees and provide a safe work environment. In acknowledgement of the risks facing health care and social service workers, the Trump administration’s agency tasked with ensuring safe and healthful working conditions is currently working to create a regulatory standard in this area and is taking concrete steps to understand clearly the wide variety of circumstances that exist for these workers, and to determine how to address this important issue. H.R. 1309 would undermine and threaten this ongoing collaborative and evidence-based process.

 Featured Article

As the Democrat’s sham process towards a partisan impeachment continues, the article this week in the Wall Street Journal, Winning Was Trump’s High Crime and Misdemeanor, is worth of your consideration.  As the author, Holman Jenkins, states, “In the hierarchy of reasons not to impeach Donald Trump, first and foremost is that it would be terrible for the country. It would be seen by many as an extension of a persistent campaign to invalidate an election and delegitimize a president who, whatever his opponents think of him, has acted with uncustomary fidelity to the promises he made to voters.”

 Recent Highlights

It was a pleasure to join the many who attended the West Jefferson Annual Holiday Parade. 

I was also able to speak with Marc Rotterman on his show Front Row airing on UNC-TV and the North Carolina Channel.

This Week in History

In 1789, President George Washington proclaimed Thursday, November 26, as a national day of “thanksgiving and prayer” to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God in forming the new nation. Washington instructed the people to give thanks for American victory in the War for Independence, the peaceful establishment of new governments, and liberty throughout the country. He also instructed citizens to pray that the government would faithfully implement “wise, just, and constitutional laws.” 


 Next Week 

Next week, the House will consider financial services legislation as work continues on legislation funding the federal government for the remainder of the 2020 Fiscal Year.    

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Recent Highlights

This week, I was able to visit with a number of veterans in Alleghany, Watauga, and Forsyth County.

Recent Highlights

This week, I was able to visit with a number of veterans in Alleghany, Watauga, and Forsyth County.