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It may be a new year, but Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats continue to use the same obstructive playbook against President Trump and Republicans. Their tactics of late are downright shameful. Instead of delivering on the priorities of the American people, Democrats would rather steer Congress off course and further prevent us from doing our jobs. I will continue to stand firm against this unprecedented attempt to stonewall Congress into submission.

My Recent Interview

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Marc Rotterman and discussing my work in Washington, the needs of veterans, the economy, and many other issues. To watch our discussion, click here or view below.

War Powers Resolution

The decorum and integrity of Congress is under attack. Just one day after Iranian missiles targeted American forces, meaningful debate on the House floor was replaced by political showmanship from Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats. Speaker Pelosi admitted to bringing up a nonbinding resolution designed to limit our response to Iranian aggression.  This resolution lacked legal force, effectively serving as a press release to placate a fringe base.  Instead of commending our military and the intelligence community for bringing a ruthless terrorist to justice, they would rather stand on their soap box and attack President Trump for his decisive action.

For information on the War Powers Resolution, click here for a comprehensive overview and timeline from the Library of Congress.

Condemning Recent Anti-Semitic Activity

Stories of recent anti-Semitic crime continue to reverberate through the media on an almost daily basis. On Tuesday, I spoke on the floor of the House on this pressing issue and solutions that can counter this scourge to the Jewish community. Attacks – of any kind – against communities of faith are unacceptable. We must work together to protect these communities and confront this issue. To view my remarks, click here.

Information on Redistricting

In December, a three-judge panel approved the new congressional district map for North Carolina that will stand for the 2020 elections. Though some of the current constituents in the 5th District will be voting in a different district later this year, rest assured that my office will continue to serve all current constituents until the beginning of 2021. Furthermore, whoever is elected this fall for each respective area will take over representational and casework duties in 2021 as well.

For more information on North Carolina’s newly drawn congressional maps and what your district will be in 2021, click here.

Recent Highlights

Thursday, January 9th, was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We are so blessed to have these courageous men and women protecting our families and communities.

This Week in History

This week marks a pivotal moment for women in American history. On January 10th, 1918, the House of Representatives passed a constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote. Though the Senate failed to pass the amendment that year, it was reintroduced and passed in 1919.

Next Week 

Next week, the House will return to debate legislation on standards for Federal employment discrimination and retaliation claims when it brings up H.R. 1230, the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act.  As the Republican Leader of the House Education and Labor Committee, I look forward to this debate.


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