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America must never bend the knee to the interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). For years, the CCP has established itself – both in its actions and dangerous rhetoric – as an unyielding threat to the safety and security of our great country. Make no mistake, China is one of the greatest hazards that we face today. Yet, the so-called China Competitiveness Act that was just passed by the majority will leave us open and vulnerable to attacks in both the near and distant future. Combating China should be a bipartisan effort, unlike the bill that’s being pushed now.

To put it simply, this bill is the epitome of toothless. It does nothing to strengthen our security capabilities, nor does it hold the CCP accountable for stealing American innovation – an issue that I am working on solving alongside Representative Stephen Lynch (D-MA). So, what exactly is in this bill, and how much is it going to take from hardworking taxpayers across the country? Of course, I have the topline facts to share with you:

  • At 2,900 pages and a $325 billion price tag, the America Concedes Act is the opposite of countering the CCP.

  • Unions receive unfair advantages over small businesses and independent workers through the addition of Davis-Bacon provisions.

  • $8 billion will be poured into an unaccountable UN climate slush fund, which has already awarded $100 million to China.

  • Institutions of higher education will be able to conceal large donations and contracts with foreign entities.

  • Opportunities in employer-developed apprenticeships will be cut in favor of duplicative workforce development programs.

Again, deterring China is not a partisan issue – it’s one we all can stand behind. It’s disappointing that the majority refuses to accept more bipartisan input on pressing issues like this. Americans deserve better.

Choice Is The American Way

There’s no denying that teachers unions are afraid of school choice. Instead of working to provide students with the necessary opportunities to thrive, unions work to limit the choices of parents to send their child to the school that’s best for them. In my latest op-ed in The Hill, I lay out the case as to why parents should be praised for fighting back against the unions that hold children hostage for political clout. Here is a short excerpt:

“For too long, power-hungry bureaucrats and self-interested teachers unions have kept students shackled to failing government-run schools. They have done everything in their power to maintain a tight monopoly on K-12 education. During the pandemic, we saw just how detrimental this can be for students. That is why we need school choice now more than ever.”

To read my op-ed, click here.

Inflation Hits Home

Drivers across the Fifth District, and the entire state for that matter, are seeing gas prices hit a 7-year high thanks to the inflation crisis caused by this administration. Families and businesses are feeling the squeeze now more than ever. Recently I came across a news segment that discusses how North Carolinians are dealing with rising gas prices and the strain that they’ve been facing for months. You may not know this, but in 2021, inflation cost the average worker nearly two paychecks and cost the average family $3,500. That is downright shameful.

To read the article, click here.

Quote of The Week

“We must protect the very things that make America so special - most certainly including our civil liberties. But we cannot do so without strong national security and a thoughtful and informed discourse.”

-Mike Pompeo

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