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Every American should be concerned about the catastrophe that continues to unfold at the southern border. Our great country deserves border security, but with every day that passes – and the continued inaction of President Biden – we’re seeing what little border security we have left being stripped away. For this week’s newsletter, I’m going to share with you some new facts that you may not have heard from the mainstream media. These numbers will concern you.

Since President Biden took office, north of 2.6 million illegal aliens have been apprehended at the southern border. That’s the equivalent of the population of Washington, D.C., crossing the border almost four times. To put this another way, that’s the equivalent of the population of Delaware, President Biden’s home state, crossing the border close to three times. As you can tell, this is a serious problem, and it’s only growing worse.

According to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data, there were over 234,000 illegal alien encounters at the southern border in April. That’s the highest in U.S. history for one month – a 30% increase from April of last year. What’s more, it’s a 1,268% increase from 2020. In fact, April was the 14th straight month of illegal alien encounters that totaled over 150,000.

Let’s talk about the other threats that have only compounded at the southern border since President Biden came into office. A total of 42 people on the Terrorist Screening Database have been apprehended after attempting to illegally enter the U.S. Recently, a man with ties to ISIS was apprehended after a plot to illegally smuggle foreign agents into the United States via the southern border to assassinate former President Bush was discovered. And let’s not forget about the 5,300 pounds of fentanyl that have been seized – enough to kill roughly 2.4 billion people.

Border security is an issue that I do not take lightly. The Biden administration’s failed policies have led to the catastrophes we’re bearing witness to today. The American people must be protected. Our national security must be protected. I will continue to hold this administration accountable and provide you with the facts you deserve to know.

Important Update

This week, I signed on as a cosponsor to Representative Bruce Westerman’s No Timber From Tyrants Act, which would prohibit imports of forest products from Russia and Belarus while ramping up responsible harvesting of American timber. Last year, the U.S. imported more than half-a-billion dollars’ worth of wood products from Russia ($459 million) and Belarus ($52 million). Russia is the world’s fourth largest exporter of wood, and wood exports are a $12 billion industry for President Vladimir Putin. This legislation would:

  • Prohibit the importation of wood products from Russia and Belarus.
  • Direct the Interior and Agriculture Departments to authorize timber harvest on federal lands in an amount sufficient to equal the volume of imports of wood from Russia and Belarus for calendar year 2021.
  • Prohibit the Department of Interior and USDA from approving a plan that reduces the allowable sale quantity of timber.

To learn more about the No Timber From Tyrants Act, click here.

ICYMI: My Op-Ed On Defending Educational Freedom

President Biden’s Department of Education is proposing crushing regulations on charter schools. Charter schools shouldn’t have to fight to serve the communities in which they operate. Although Biden’s aggressive anti-charter school behavior may seem odd, there is one pivotal force behind them: teachers unions. Biden and his union benefactors rail against charter schools because they challenge the failing status-quo. The Left forgets that charter schools exist to address community-specific issues. Luckily, parents and teachers recognize the value of charter schools and are fighting against growing government control.

To read my op-ed, click here.

Quote of The Week

“When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

-Ronald Reagan

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