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By now, I am certain that you have heard the avalanche of political spin from the Biden administration regarding its ongoing energy catastrophe. I’d wager that the narrative changes every hour on the hour, and it veers off in different directions – like it was caught in a cloverleaf interchange on the highway. What do you make of this? I believe that this shifting narrative is just another attempt to distract Americans from the truth about what’s really happening.

Pay attention to this number: 4,400. The Biden administration has already halted new lease sales for oil and gas, and it is currently sitting on 4,400 pending applications for permits to drill. This stoppage is preventing American workers from producing American-made energy here at home. To make matters worse, the burdens caused by rising inflation and overregulation are undercutting the creation of new large-scale refineries which play a pivotal role in the production of American energy.

We hear President Biden utter the same pitiful and deceptive line that this rise in gas prices is because of “Putin’s price hike”, but Americans are not fooled. In fact, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell rejected President Biden’s claim this week and admitted that inflation was on the rise even before Ukraine was invaded. On the day President Biden took office, the approximate price of a gallon of gas nationwide was $2.39. Today, the price has doubled. Americans spent an average of $2,800 on gas a year ago, and now that number has ballooned up to a staggering $5,000. A spokesman for AAA recently said that some of their clubs have seen a 30% increase in fuel service calls from April to May of this year.

Here’s the bottom line: the Biden administration has waged a war on American energy from the very start and families continue to have a crushing weight bear down upon their shoulders every time they visit the gas station. The time to unleash energy freedom again in America is now. If this administration continues to push forward with its radical energy agenda, imagine what could happen in the coming months.

Holding Secretary Walsh Accountable

Last week, Secretary Marty Walsh of the Department of Labor appeared before the Education and Labor Committee in a hearing entitled Examining the Policies and Priorities of the U.S. Department of Labor. This Labor Department is up a creek without a paddle. The Biden administration’s policies have created a worker shortage, record-high inflation, an environment of uncertainty for employers, and fewer choices for job seekers. The Department of Labor’s (DOL) response to these crises drags our country further from solutions that will help the American people. One of the biggest problems with this DOL is its obvious union favoritism. In fact, this department has bowed low enough before union bosses to taste dirt.

To read my full remarks from the hearing, click here.

My Latest Op-Ed

Washington is succumbing to its own manufactured undercurrent—one where the principles of our Republic have taken a back seat to the partisan schemes of the day. Surely, the American Framers are rolling over in their graves. Reverence towards the Constitution is on the verge of extinction. Bureaucracy is no longer on a short leash—it has come loose and is now nipping at our heels and our God-given rights. We’re in uncharted waters, and it’s up to us to reverse course and right the ship before we are beyond the point of no return.

In my latest op-ed in the Carolina Journal, I lay out the case as to why the Constitution and our God-given rights are under attack like never before. I highly encourage you to read it.

Quote of The Week

"May we think of freedom, not as a right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right."

-Peter Marshall

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