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Due to their size and economies of scale, large businesses and labor organizations have the ability to negotiate on behalf of employees for high-quality health care at more affordable costs. By offering a qualified group health plan under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, these large employers and labor organizations are also exempt from myriad state rules and regulations on health insurance. Small businesses, however, do not have the same bargaining power as larger businesses. Small businesses are also unable to band together to increase their bargaining power in the health insurance marketplace.

On Wednesday the House passed H.R. 1101, the Small Business Health Fairness Act, which empowers small businesses to band together though association health plans and negotiate for lower health insurance costs on behalf of their employees. This vote reflects our commitment to delivering free-market, patient-centered reforms.

This legislation is an important step forward in our efforts to replace Obamacare with positive solutions that put working families first. These commonsense reforms will empower small businesses to purchase high-quality health care coverage at a lower cost for their employees — including across state lines. This is a win for the hardworking Americans who are struggling with soaring costs and deserve more affordable health care options.

What’s Coming Up

Next week the House will continue its efforts to improve the quality and level of access to health care by taking up the Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017 and the Self-Insurance Protection Act. These pieces of legislation will reduce excessive burdens placed upon health care delivery systems by liability lawsuits and preserve access to popular self-insured plans by preventing the government from subjecting them to overreaching red tape.

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