The Responsibility of Oversight
Dear Friends,
On Monday I look forward to speaking with many of you during a live telephone town hall about the efforts underway within the House of Representatives to hold federal government agencies accountable, especially in light of recent political abuses within the IRS. Here are the details:

What: “Government Oversight” Telephone Town Hall Meeting
Who: Congresswoman Foxx & 5th District Constituents
When: Monday, June 17th 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Phone Number: 1-855-312-2107

Along with Congress' oversight responsibilities, which I write about at length in an editorial included below, jobs and economic recovery are at the forefront of House Republican priorities. We are working to pave the way for more domestic energy production, a flatter, fairer tax code and greater educational opportunities for every American.   

In addition, we believe Washington policies should be working for you to make government more efficient and effective. And at the very least, we believe Washington policies should make sense.

One example that doesn't make very much sense at all is the fact that members of Congress are currently responsible for determining federal student loan interest rates. Washington's best efforts at setting rates amount to little more than a guessing game. That's why rates are scheduled to double for borrowers on July 1 - politicians made a promise a few years ago they couldn't afford to keep for the long haul, so it's set to expire. 

It's very important to me that this issue be resolved permanently before rates double, by removing Washington from the equation. A majority of members in the House of Representatives have advanced a bipartisan solution to do this, and we hope the President and Senate will follow suit. The last thing students or taxpayers need are politicians choosing to preserve this problem for a future campaign. More about our work to stop student loan interest rates from doubling is included below

I hope to speak with many of you in further detail about this proposal and about what we can do together to hold our government accountable on Monday.

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx
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Beware, the Taxman Cometh
By Congresswoman Virginia Foxx

Taxpayers shudder at the mere mention of the IRS. That image hasn’t been helped since the federal government’s most feared agency admitted to singling out conservative groups for unprecedented invasive scrutiny.

In March of 2010, the IRS began targeting groups whose applications for tax-exempt status included terms and phrases such as “tea party,” “patriot,” “We the People” or ”make America a better place to live.”

The demands levied by the IRS against private citizen groups were outrageous. Organizations seeking tax-exempt status were required to reveal to the government the names of their members, donors, reading lists, policy positions and even the contents of prayers said during meetings...

The problem at the IRS is with more than the search terms it used. Whether conservative or liberal, targeting Americans is wrong. The deeper problem is that government’s taxing arm ever came to consider itself the arbiter of what constitutes legitimate free speech in the first place. We have to guarantee that the hubris revealed by this discrimination is purged from our government. Read more.
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House Intervenes to Stop Student Loan Rate Increase
...Will the President & Senate Follow? #Don'tDoubleMyRate

Federal student loan interest rates are scheduled to double on July 1st, but that doesn't have to happen. The House of Representatives passed the Smarter Solutions for Students Act authored by Congresswoman Foxx and Education Committee Chairman John Kline of Minnesota which, similar to President Obama's own proposal, would stop rates from doubling, remove politics from the rate-setting equation and permanently anchor rates in the free-market. The Washington Post said "there's no reason to delay passing such a policy." But there's a problem: the bipartisan action taken by the House has been met with inaction in the Senate and flip-flopping by the White House. Students and taxpayers deserve better.

Congresswoman Foxx had this to say about the importance of delivering students a permanent solution to the problem of how student loan interest rates should be calculated:

"Campaign promises and political posturing should not play a role in the calculation of student loan interest rates. As we’ve seen, Washington’s involvement in the rate-setting equation is a recipe for uncertainty and confusion. The Smarter Solution for Students Act puts an end to the temporary fixes that have failed to strengthen our nation’s student loan system and offers simplicity, rate caps and an assurance that interest rates are immediately in line with the free market – a need particularly acute in this jobless economy. The President's initial student loan proposal shares so much common ground with the Smarter Solutions for Students Act that there is no excuse for Democrats in the Senate to resist working with Republicans to stop rates from doubling before July 1st." Read more here.  
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Big Government = Scandals? This is My Shocked Face.
Congresswoman Foxx spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives about the need for accountability and transparency in Washington. Given the size of the federal government, public scrutiny and Congressional oversight is imperative. Scandal and incompetence are symptoms of government "too big for its britches."  

Mr. Speaker,

The IRS admitted to targeting conservative groups with extra scrutiny, demanding donor lists, meeting minutes, personal member information and even Facebook activity.

The Justice Department was caught essentially spying on the Associated Press.

And the White House continues to twist itself in knots explaining why it misled the American public in the aftermath of Benghazi.

The Administration's apologists are in a panic. They claim the President is not responsible for any of this wrongdoing.

This President, who made a career touting government as the solution to most every problem, now solicits our understanding. It seems the Leviathan is rather unwieldy and difficult to manage.

This is my shocked here to watch the video.
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Focus on the 5th
Flag Day - A Day to Commemorate Old Glory
The American Flag is the most recognized symbol of freedom and democracy in the world. This week the Watauga Democrat published a story about Boone resident and U.S. Army veteran Tommy Critcher whose children worked with the Foxx office to arrange for a flag to be flown over the United States Capitol in his honor. We encourage you to read the article as it shares just a bit about Mr. Critcher's service to our country and enduring patriotism.  

If you would like to order an American Flag for a friend or loved one, or to commemorate a special occasion, Congresswoman Foxx is happy to help. To order a flag online, click here. For more information on submitting flag requests, please contact Congresswoman Foxx's Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-2071.

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