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We need to have a talk about what’s tucked away in the latest spending spree that’s been brought up by the Democrat majority in the People’s House. This $4.3 trillion tax and spending plan will drive America into even further depths of bankruptcy at the expense of hardworking families and taxpayers – not to mention the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that’s tethered to this egregious spending plan as well. I highly encourage you to read more into these schemes to learn where your hard-earned tax dollars would be funneled.

Right now, let’s focus on the $4.3 trillion tax and spending plan. I’ve compiled a few top-of-mind provisions that underscore how irresponsible this package really is. As the old saying goes, “The devil is in the details”. Here are the facts:

  • This $4.3 trillion scheme would yield the largest tax increase in American history.
  • It could create the highest sustained tax burden, as a share of the economy, in American history.
  • $2.1 trillion in new taxes would be levied against American families and countless job creators.
  • The business tax rate would become higher than Communist China.
  • $2.4 trillion in new debt.
  • $80 billion is being allocated to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to double the number of agents and target families and businesses.

I’ve received many letters over the past few weeks from citizens of the 5th District about this bloated spending package, and I share their concerns. Think about this: If this $4.3 trillion package were to be enacted, total new spending approved within 18 months will be more than the total combined annual wages of the American people. If that is not staggering, I don’t know what is. To cast aside any shred of doubt as to where I stand this package, as well as on the so-called “infrastructure” plan, I can tell you unequivocally that I oppose both. The level of government spending we have seen thus far this year is outrageous, and I continue to oppose measures that do not put the interests of the American people and the entirety of the country first.

My Bill To Combat Genocide and War Crimes

I’m proud to share with you this week that the House passed my bill, the War Crimes Rewards Expansion Act, by an overwhelming majority. For those who do not know, my bill would help bring perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide across the world to justice. Current law allows the United States Government to use the War Crimes Rewards Program (WCRP) to bay bounties for information that helps arrest or convict these bad actors. My bill clarifies that the WCRP rewards can also be used for prosecutions under domestic law – including U.S. law or  the laws of other national jurisdictions – and not just prosecutions in international tribunals. Perpetrators of these heinous acts include ISIS, the rogue actors in the Rwandan and Darfur genocides, and certain authorities in China, and they should feel the weight of the law crushing down on them and know that we will not rest until they are brought to justice.

I’m pleased to see its passage in the House and am looking forward to its passage in the Senate as well.

Joint Letter To Secretary Cardona

On Tuesday, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) and I sent a third letter to Department of Education Secretary Cardona requesting an update on the Department’s plan to transition student loan borrowers from the repayment freeze in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic into active repayment status. Below is a short excerpt:

“The lack of clarity and guidance about the process surrounding returning borrowers to repayment is as troubling as the process is uncertain. We remain deeply concerned about the ability of the Department to ensure a smooth transition to repayment in four months. If this transition is going to be successful, it is critical the Department immediately begins to work collaboratively with its partners and Congress. There has been ample time to plan.”

To read our letter, click here.

Quote of The Week

“Caution, not exuberance, should be our fiscal motto.”

-Former Senator John Chafee

Have a blessed weekend.


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