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Education in America should be centered on instilling the values of this country in the next generation of leaders and helping them learn about the successes and failures that have led the country to where it is today. That’s a premise we can all agree upon. Something else we can agree upon is that Critical Race Theory has no place in the educational pursuits of America’s children. It’s un-American, historically inaccurate, and its intended purpose is to sow division among the best and brightest young men and women that this country has to offer.

In recent months, parents have risen together across the country to stop teachings of Critical Race Theory in their tracks – and they are winning this fight. From attending school board meetings to being interviewed on live television, these patriots are making their voices heard and I applaud them for their continued efforts. As you know, I’ve been following this issue closely for some time, and I’ve spoke at-length on the House floor, on television, and with you about where I stand. Critical Race Theory is indoctrination, and it must be rejected.

It’s heartening to read so many stories on actions being taken to ban these radical teachings from classrooms. Here are a few examples to show you how parents are making an impact across the country:

  • A Colorado Springs school board voted last week to ban outright the teachings of Critical Race Theory in classrooms.
  • The Alabama Board of Education just voted in favor of a resolution that bans Critical Race Theory in the state’s public schools.
  • In Texas, a bill banning Critical Race Theory just passed the Senate Committee on State Affairs just last week.
  • A school board in California just last week blocked Critical Race Theory in its classrooms due to its “fatally flawed ideology”.

Rest assured, I’ll continue to push back against any efforts in the People’s House to support this failed ideology. Students deserve better.

A Victory Against The EEOC

The federal government must be held to the highest standards of accountability, and I’m fighting to ensure that. Recently, I wrote to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and demanded that they resume posting their votes on the EEOC website. Commissioners within the EEOC vote on a wide array of important issues, including whether the agency will file a lawsuit on behalf of workers, whether to file amicus briefs, petitions to modify or revoke subpoenas of employers, and proposed regulations. Yet, they’ve refused to post any of these votes on their website since January of this year.

After receiving my letter, they immediately reversed course and resumed the postings of these critical votes. I can tell you that this is a significant win not only in fighting for a more accountable federal government, but also with regards to placing transparency at the feet of the American people. That has always been my mission in serving you, and you can rest assured that I will not be stopping anytime soon.

An Update On Scams

CNBC released an article with some troubling numbers about how tech-savvy teenagers have lost exorbitant amounts of money to scams within the last year. The truth is that even this population of young Americans is as equally if not more susceptible to scams as adults. Here’s what’s really concerning: Teenagers in the United States, one the whole, lost roughly $71 million to scammers in 2o2o. Yes, this number may seem small when compared to the $4.2 billion that was lost by Americans to scams last year, but it underscores the need for increased diligence online. I highly recommend that you read CNBC’s article that highlights this disturbing trend and how to prepare your children or grandchildren to avoid the common pitfalls they may face from scammers.

Quote of The Week

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.”

-Calvin Coolidge

Have a blessed weekend.


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