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As we gather with family, friends, and neighbors this year for Thanksgiving, let us take time to reflect on the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. Many different crises are springing up across the country – from inflation to national security, immigration to a diminished workforce – and Americans everywhere are downright fed up. Those concerns are seemingly compounding by the hour. However, for one day, we can set those concerns aside and take comfort in spending time with the ones that we love in a spirit of true fellowship, and be thankful for living in this great country.

In 1789, President George Washington proclaimed that Thursday, November 26th, was a national day of “thanksgiving and prayer” to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God in forming the new nation. Washington called upon people to give thanks for America’s victory in the War for Independence, the liberty taking hold throughout the country, and the establishment of new governments. But he also encouraged people to pray that the government would faithfully implement “wise, just, and constitutional laws”. We should all pray for that.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is the opportunity to serve each of you in both Washington and in the 5th District. North Carolina’s values are under attack every day, and partisan battles continue to distract Congress from important work. But my focus is still the same: to defend the Constitution, our liberties, and the values that each of us hold so dear. I won’t sit on the sidelines while there’s work to be done. You can count on me to get the job done and see things through.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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