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Kneecapping the private sector and more government spending are not viable solutions to solve a growing economic crisis let alone spur growth in the areas of America that need it most. Last week, both of those reckless pursuits got full approval from the majority on the Education and Labor Committee, but not without a strong, unified resistance effort led by me and my Republican colleagues. The fact is that 2021 is already one of the most expensive years on record for working Americans. Inflation is averaging five percent since President Biden took office. For business owners, families, and retirees on a fixed income, that means up to five percent less food on the table, gas in the car, or funds set aside for a rainy day. Yet, Washington Democrats keep dipping their hands into a place where they don’t belong: the wallets of hardworking taxpayers.

Throughout the two-day markup, Republicans introduced common-sense amendments that would have increased Americans’ freedoms, quashed runaway spending, encouraged excellence in America’s schools and workforce, protected small businesses from government overreach and reinforced the United States’ premiere status in the world without burdening future generations with unsustainable debt. Unfortunately, our colleagues across the aisle refused to join us in delivering upon those imperatives. In short, this bill is about power and control. It is about solidifying union bosses’ stranglehold on workers, upending individual's rights in favor of government control, stifling innovation, and stealing money from blue-collar workers to pay for white-collar educations.

For a full recap of the Committee’s markup and updates on the Republican-led efforts to stop this bill in its tracks, click here. Rest assured, once this sham package comes to the floor of the People’s House, I will strongly oppose it. The last thing that hardworking taxpayers like yourself should be forced to do is foot the bill for expensive and inefficient government programs that will only create dependency rather than sustained and measurable progress.

Service Academy Nominations

One of my most important responsibilities as the Representative for North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District is to nominate our next generation of leaders to honorably serve at one of our nation’s premiere military service academies. By both learning and upholding the values and traditions within their chosen branch, these young men and women will go on to become top notch military officers and serve the United States at home and abroad. The current nomination window for these academies is open and my office is currently accepting submissions.

To be considered for an appointment to a service academy, an applicant must meet the eligibility requirements established by law and be nominated from an authorized person including a Member of the United States Senate or the House of Representatives. Applicants who are legally domiciled within the boundaries of the 5th District of North Carolina are eligible for my nomination. Each Representative is allowed a maximum of five cadets or midshipmen at each service academy at one time. Also, a Member of Congress may nominate up to 10 candidates for each vacancy.

To learn more about the necessary qualifications, and to apply, click here.

The Workplace Vaccine Mandate

Over the past few days, I’ve received countless letters from concerned patriots within 5th District about President Biden’s national vaccine mandate. Simply put, he has no business doing so. This is a Hail Mary attempt by a president who is failing to ‘crush the virus’ and is now burdening job creators with a rushed and unprecedented regulation. This mandate will subject employers to even more financial penalties if they fail to keep up with the administration’s expensive and ever-changing policies, twisting the knife in our bleeding economy’s back yet again. Inflation is up, jobs are going unfilled, and our president is passing the buck to struggling and overworked business owners. Your freedoms should always be protected, and I will continue to stand up and oppose this harmful mandate and other attempts to erode your freedoms.

Quote of The Week

“A society that chooses between capitalism and socialism does not choose between two social systems; it chooses between social cooperation and the disintegration of society.”

-Ludwig von Mises

Have a blessed weekend.


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