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Under Obamacare, small businesses were hit hard by flawed mandates, soaring costs and limited choices. Last October, President Trump issued an executive order that built on the solutions of the Small Business Health Fairness Act, directing the Department of Labor to remove barriers to viable Association Health Plans (AHPs) for businesses and their employees. Small businesses can now band together and negotiate lower costs on behalf of their employees, and I’m pleased to share that the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association announced the state’s first AHP last week. North Carolinians in the hospitality industry will soon have access to an AHP that provides affordable, comprehensive coverage. That’s nearly half a million workers in North Carolina alone who will have new health care thanks to this policy. Learn more here.

Securing Our Border

As a nation built upon the rule of law, it is crucial for our national security and integrity that we strengthen and secure our Southern border. Congress should fully support President Trump’s request for border wall funding because national security is the number one job of the federal government. And to keep America safe, we must go further to prevent illegal immigration and other crimes carried out across our Southern border. That’s why this Tuesday I cosponsored H.R. 7059, the Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act. This bill appropriates the full amount of funding requested by President Trump to construct a wall along the Southern border, including technology and infrastructure improvements. Additionally, it affirms Congressional opposition to abolishing ICE, supports border patrol agents, penalizes sanctuary cities and combats transnational crimes including human and drug trafficking.

Ode to the Joy of Real Christmas Trees

This year’s National Christmas Tree Contest winner hails from North Carolina’s Fifth District, Mr. Larry Smith! Each year, the winner of the National Christmas Tree Association’s competition has the honor of providing the official White House Christmas Tree. I was delighted to join Mr. Smith, his family and friends in presenting the First Family with its Fraser Fir Christmas tree last week.

As a former Christmas tree grower myself, I can attest to the importance of recognizing this often overlooked, yet highly significant farming industry. This week, I congratulated Mr. Smith and thanked Christmas tree growers across the country for contributing to our economy and keeping alive the tradition and joy of having a real Christmas tree. View my remarks here or click the image below.
Leading the Way with Education
The question on everyone’s mind used to be: ‘Where are the jobs?’ Today we have 7 million job opportunities waiting for workers to fill them. We have 4.5 million more jobs than we had two years ago, and a quarter of a million more jobs than we had just over a month ago. The members of the Education and Workforce Committee have worked incredibly hard during the 115th Congress to make this new era of opportunity a reality. It is an honor to have the trust and confidence of my colleagues to help lead all of us to uncovering and implementing more ways to empower Americans to build successful lives as I take on the role of the committee’s ranking member next Congress.
 North Carolinians in the Capitol
North Carolina State Representative Kyle Hall
Gave a nigthttime tour to some Winston-Salemites!
Recent Fifth District Highlights

East Bend Small Town Christmas
Pleasant Hill Fire Department 60th Anniversary

On November 29, 1898 Clive Staple Lewis (better known as C.S. Lewis) was born in Belfast, Ireland. Authoring the classic children’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and numerous other literary works, Lewis engaged the culture of the 20th century with theology and his astute understandings of human nature and history.
What’s Coming Up?
Next week, the House will take up legislation to fund the remaining government agencies that have yet to receive FY2019 appropriations. The House made great progress this Fall when it secured the largest boost in pay for our nation’s troops in almost a decade, along with the equipment needed to keep our military as the greatest in the world. I look forward to continuing this success as we turn to funds that would secure our nation’s borders.


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