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On Tuesday, I cosponsored and called for the vote on H.Res. 1138 to condemn the attack on the Tree of Life synagogue and all forms of anti-Semitism. An evil hatred was at the heart of the crime, and the House passed this resolution by unanimous consent to reject that hatred and remember those who lost their lives while reaffirming the right of Americans to freely exercise their religious beliefs. We remain united in rejecting terror and hate and offer our shared condolences to those who are grieving. The victims, their families and the Jewish community in Pittsburgh remain in my prayers.


Each of us knows a person with considerable gifts and talents who may not desire traditional postsecondary education. Apprenticeships are an example of one life-changing path that can provide countless Americans with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve lifelong success. For the sixth straight year, skilled trade jobs continue to be the hardest positions to fill all over the world and nearly half of all job creators are struggling to hire employees with the right skills. During this Apprenticeship Week, I highlighted how we at the Committee on Education and the Workforce recognize this and have worked hard this Congress to make skills-based education a viable and valuable path for American workers. Click here or below to view my remarks.


Last week, the Trump Administration delivered on its promise to protect freedom of religion or belief, issuing two final rules to expand conscience protections for employers morally opposed to paying for contraception and abortifacients under employer-based health insurance plans. While the former regulation exempted churches and religious orders from the contraceptive mandate under Obamacare, these new finalized rules allow exemptions for non-profits, small businesses and non-government educational institutions who hold religious or moral objections. Entities that object to covering some, but not all, contraceptive items would be exempt with respect to only the methods they conscientiously oppose. Furthermore, the rules leave in place government programs that provide free or subsidized contraceptive coverage to low income women. Americans should never be forced to choose between their religious or moral convictions and using their talents to create jobs and provide goods and services in the public square. These rules provide a fair solution to the overreaching contraceptive mandate. Read more here.


Camille Sterling & David Rhew with the North Carolina Public Transportation Association

Macon Newby & Dan Soucek


Colonel Covington at the MOAA Veterans Day Ceremony

Forbush High School Memorial Dedication

National Adoption Day began in 2000 when seven cities opened courtrooms on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to alleviate the backlog of pending adoptions. Since then, more than 65,000 children have had their adoption finalized during a National Adoption Day celebration. The number of North Carolina children in foster care has been increasing with last year totaling nearly 11,000. There are more than 425,000 children in foster care nationwide with over 110,000 awaiting adoption by permanent families. National Adoption Day raises awareness of these children and educates the estimated 47 million Americans who have considered adopting a child in foster care. Click here to learn more about this year's efforts to connect children awaiting adoption with parents who can provide the love and stable environment they need to realize their potential.


Next week the House will hold a district work period in observance of Thanksgiving. I wish a blessed Thanksgiving to the Fifth District and safe trips to all who are travelling!


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