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Committee on Education and the Workforce

Congresswoman Foxx is the Chairwoman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

The Committee's basic jurisdiction is over education and workforce matters. While Congress has been concerned with education and workforce issues since its beginning, attempts to create a Committee with jurisdiction over education and labor failed in early Congresses due to Representatives' concerns over the constitutional grounds for such a federal nexus and the belief that education was more properly the responsibility of the states.

The first Committee of jurisdiction, the Committee on Education and Labor, was established on March 21, 1867 in the aftermath of the Civil War and during a period of great growth in American industries. On December 19, 1883, the Committee on Education and Labor was divided into two standing committees: the Committee on Education and the Committee on Labor. On January 2, 1947, the Legislative Reorganization Act again combined the Committees under the name Committee on Education and Labor. On January 4, 1995, the Committee was renamed the Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities. On January 7, 1997, the Committee was renamed the Committee on Education and the Workforce; on January 5, 2007, it became the Committee on Education.

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House Oversight and Reform Committee

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform works to exercise effective oversight over the federal government and work proactively to investigate and expose waste, fraud and abuse.

The committee has legislative jurisdiction over the District of Columbia, the government procurement process, federal personnel systems, the Postal Service and other matters. Its primary responsibility is oversight of virtually everything government does – from national security to homeland security grants, from federal workforce policies to regulatory reform and reorganization authority, from information technology procurements at individual agencies to government-wide data security standards.

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