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Fiscal Illiteracy Reigns Supreme In Washington

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

A myriad of associations come to mind when thinking about President Biden’s FY2023 budget, but the one that comes to mind instantaneously is “dumpster fire”. Like the budget he submitted to Congress just last year, one fact remains constant: President Biden does not have the slightest clue what fiscal responsibility entails. Families across North Carolina are feeling the crushing weight of inflati...

Seniors, Look Out For This Scam

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Every year, seniors are swindled out of $3 billion through deceptive scams that average $34,200 per person. Imagine the financial toll that both they and their families face from these fraudsters. Those circumstances are truly disheartening. If you subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you know that I often raise the alarm on emerging scams that target citizens in North Carolina’s 5th District. Today...

The Participation Trophy Administration

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

For over a year, Americans have been asking one simple question that has gone unanswered: Why does the Biden Administration hate energy freedom in America? It’s a legitimate concern, and one that will continue to grow in the coming days and weeks. However, we’re now seeing an answer come in a form that is purely unpalatable: a nuclear deal with Iran. This administration’s ongoing negotiations to r...

Truancy Is Now Congress' Forte

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

It’s no secret that Congress’ approval rating is in the gutter. A recent Gallup poll revealed that only 20 percent of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling its job while 75 percent disapproved. With the way Democrats have been running things, I’m surprised it isn’t zero. Today’s House Rules Committee Member Day is focused on assessing the results and challenges of remote proceedings – ...

Tell The Union Bosses To Take A Hike

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Chapter 95, Article 10, of the North Carolina General Statues harbors one of the most powerful sentiments that has maintained its prominence in the Tar Heel State for almost 75 years: “The right to live includes the right to work.” On March 18, 1947, North Carolina’s right-to-work law was ratified, and since then, the freedom of workers to decide whether to join, pay dues to, and be represented by...

Women's Sports Shouldn't Be Collateral Damage in the Left's Campaign to Redefine Gender

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

This year officially marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a law from 1972 that mandates equal opportunities for women in education. While this anniversary deserves to be recognized, the threat of President Biden's flawed interpretation of this legislation looms larger than ever before. This administration's radical reinterpretation of Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity h...

Call Rising Inflation A Catastrophe, Not A Crisis

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Call a spade a spade. The inflation slew caused by both President Biden’s failed policies and Washington bureaucrats is no longer a crisis – it has rapidly evolved into an outright catastrophe. Republicans have been expedient in not only identifying the real causes of skyrocketing inflation, but also showing how inflation has impacted the lives of every American across this country. The same canno...

The Real BBB: Biden's Border Bungle

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

For over a year, President Biden has searched far and wide for the elusive “root cause” of his self-inflicted border crisis – never once thinking to look at himself in the mirror. From the very start, Americans have taken his quest with a grain of salt – and rightfully so. His weak policies led to two million illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in one year. That’s almost equal to the e...

The People's House Has An Attendance Problem

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Like a student who has skipped school for far too long, Congress should be charged with truancy, and the American people deserve to know why. To get to the root of this problem, we must turn back the clocks to 2020. On May 15, 2020, the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 965 along party lines. On the surface, this may sound like just another mundane measure passed by Congress, but I ...

Nipping Congress’ Spending Habits In The Bud

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

If families in North Carolina can set aside money for the things they need, and not run over budget, why can’t Congress do the same? Everywhere I travel to in North Carolina’s Fifth District, I hear the common refrain from hardworking people that Congress has been left off its budgetary leash for far too long. More taxpayer money is being spent without a shred of accountability. To put it simply, ...

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