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Problem with Your 9 Digit Zip Code?

If you are experiencing difficulty with your 9-digit zip code allowing you to email Congresswoman Foxx, go to the NC General Assembly website and enter your address on the "Who Represents Me?" page. You may find that your ZIP+4 location is unavailable.

Congresswoman Foxx's email web-form obtains ZIP+4 locations from the US Postal Service. Though the USPS provides over 740,000 locations statewide, there are still quite a few ZIP+4 codes that they are unable to definitively correlate with census geography, upon which congressional districts are based.

Unfortunately, we are unable to correct this problem through our website. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. If you still would like to share your legislative concerns, which you are not able to send via email, please call the Washington D.C. office at (202) 225-2071. 

If you would like to look up your Representatives and are not having luck with your 9-digit zip code, there are other ways to identify your representatives. If you are a registered voter, you can use the State Board of Elections' search utility, as follows:
  1. Open the following link to the NC Public Voter Search.
  2. Enter your information into the form, and click the "Submit" button.
  3. Click on your name in the results list.
  4. Note your federal Congressional District and state House and Senate districts.
Return to the Representation section of the NC General Assembly web site and look up your representatives based on the district numbers you noted in the previous step.

Still another way to find your representatives is to contact your local Board of Elections office directly. The State Board of Elections maintains a list of contact information for all 100 County Boards of Elections in North Carolina.

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