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Federal Assistance: FAQs

Q: Can your office help me obtain a passport?

A: Yes, congressional offices are able to assist constituents who need to apply for and receive a passport quickly. My staff is available to answer any questions you may have concerning the passport application process. For additional information, please see the "Passports" section of my website or visit

Q: Can your office help me with a problem that involves a state agency?

A: Issues involving state agencies should be handled by state officials. For information about your state representative and state senator, you should reference the North Carolina General Assembly's website at

Q: Can your office help me with a legal matter?

A: Members of Congress are limited in their abilities to assist with legal matters. Individuals with such matters are best served by legal representation. The North Carolina Bar Association provides a free lawyer referral service, available by calling 1-800-662-7660 or visiting

Q: Where can I access the privacy release form?

A: It is required that you sign a privacy release form for my office to contact a federal agency on your behalf. A printable version of the privacy release form can be found online here

Q: How do you report suspected Social Security fraud activity?

A: Individuals have a variety of ways to report allegations of fraud, waste and abuse concerning SSA programs and operations. You can also visit the SSA's Office of the Inspector General website to view Frequently Asked Questions.

Internet: Submit a Report
U.S. Mail:

Social Security Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17768
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

Fax: 410-597-0118

1-800-269-0271 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST

TTY: 1-866-501-2101 for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Q. What Should You Report to the SSA Fraud Hotline?

A. There are a variety of situations that may be considered fraud in our SSA programs. Some examples are:

*Receives Social Security Benefits for a Child Not under their care.
*Continues to Receive and Use Benefits Belonging to a Deceased Person. 
*Conceals their Marriage or Assets from SSA While Receiving Disability Benefits. 
*Resides Overseas and is Receiving Disability Benefits.


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