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Gold Mouse

The website of Congresswoman Virginia Foxx was recognized on April 23, 2010, by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) for having one of the best websites in Congress. CMF analyzed 620 congressional websites, including those of all Senate and House Members, committees (both majority and minority sites) and official leadership sites. Congresswoman Foxx’s site,, was one of only 135 websites commended by CMF in its 111th Congress Gold Mouse Project and one of only 21 member websites to win Gold in the House. The 111th Congress Gold Mouse Project report, a full listing winners, and other comparative data is available by clicking here.

While the entire site displays an effective use of the Internet, this website was among the highest scoring sites for:

Constituent Services and Casework
District/State Information
Floor Proceedings

The congresswoman’s site has excellent, clear resources for how Congress works and what is happening on the Hill.

Previous Awards:

2007 Gold Mouse Award
2006 Bronze Mouse Award

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