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Robo Calls Off Phones Act

To stop the intrusion of political robocalls in homes across America, Congresswoman Foxx introduced the Robo Calls Off Phones Act (Robo COP Act), H.R. 827. The legislation will expand the types of unsolicited calls restricted by the national “Do Not Call Registry to include political robocalls, giving the American people the opportunity to opt-out of the bothersome campaign-season interruption.

“Every campaign season, like clockwork, families are bombarded by an endless stream of political robocalls,” Congresswoman Foxx stated. “There is little voters can do to stop the annoyance, which all too often comes right in the middle of family dinners and bedtimes. The Robo COP Act will solve this problem for the American people by allowing them to opt out of these calls by signing up for the federal government’s Do Not Call list.”

“Though citizens are able to stop receiving telemarketing calls, politicians made sure to exempt political robo-calls from the power of the ‘Do Not Call’ registry. If these calls weren’t such a nuisance, their blatant exclusion would be laughable. Removing their exemption through the Robo COP Act is a matter of fairness that will help bring some peace and quiet to North Carolina homes throughout campaign season.”

Bill Information
Legislative Text: Robo Calls Off Phones Act, H.R. 827
Information Letter: End the Robo Call Loophole and Give Voters a Choice

Press Releases
Foxx, Jolly Introduce Legislation to Expand Do Not Call Registry to Political Robocalls
Foxx: "Do Not Call List" Should Include Political Robo-Calls

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