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Foxx alerts constituents about unclaimed stimulus payments

More than 800 5th District taxpayers can still claim stimulus payments

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx today released a list of more than 800 Fifth District constituents that the federal government unsuccessfully attempted to mail an economic stimulus check to this year.  These constituents are eligible for economic stimulus payments or other tax refunds, but did not receive a check because payments mailed by the IRS were returned.

"Every North Carolinian who filed for an economic stimulus payment deserves to get the money that was promised to them,” Rep. Foxx said. (Click here for a complete county-by-county list of names and learn if you should have received a refund check from the IRS.)

Constituents whose names are on the list of refund checks returned by the U.S. Postal Service due to mailing address errors can claim their check by contacting the IRS directly.  Unclaimed checks include both regular tax refunds and economic stimulus payments.

Learn how to get an unclaimed check from the IRS.
  Click here

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