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Foxx asks North Carolina Attorney General to investigate bogus Social Security mailer

U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx (NC-05) today asked North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to investigate a highly misleading fundraising letter sent to households in North Carolina.  The letter falsely asserts that the Mexican government is receiving U.S. Social Security funds and solicits recipients for a donation.


“During this time of considerable economic uncertainty, misleading our state’s senior citizens—many living on fixed incomes—into making a donation to ‘save’ their future Social Security is not only morally abhorrent, but it also seems legally suspect,” Rep. Foxx wrote to Attorney General Cooper. 


Foxx also released a short web video discussing the misleading letter and urging constituents not to donate to groups making unfounded claims.  She asked constituents with concerns about the federal government or legislation to directly contact her office. 


The same group that sent the Social Security letter, Council of Seniors, was recently cited by the Indiana Attorney General for sending deceptive fundraising appeals to households in Indiana. 


The entire text of the Social Security letter can be found hereClick here to read the letter to Attorney General Cooper.


Obama's budget: lots of new debt

$3,000,000,000,000 in new debt in next five years.

President Obama has release his budget for fiscal year 2010.  In addition to projecting $3,000,000,000,000 in new debt over the next five years, it proposed the so-called cap and trade system, which will cost taxpayers $646 billion.   Click here to learn more about this free-spending budget proposal.

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