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Foxx: President’s Budget Ignores Fiscal Realities

WASHINGTON – Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., today released the following statement regarding President Obama’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2017:

“The national debt is nearly $19 trillion – that’s approximately $58,000 for every man, woman and child in America. Our country is in the middle of a fiscal crisis driven by reckless borrowing and runaway government spending. However, President Obama continues to ignore these realities and the magnitude of the problems we face. 

“Despite proposing to raise taxes by $3.4 trillion over the next decade, the president’s irresponsible budget never balances because it still spends too much. He offers the American people more of the same ineffective, one-size-fits-all federal dictates.

“Something has to change, or the legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren will be a crushing debt burden and a weaker, less secure and less prosperous nation. Washington owes the American people a responsible budget that reins in wasteful federal overspending and guarantees accountability for the use of taxpayer dollars, and I will continue to do all I can to make this a reality.”


U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx represents North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District and is the elected Republican Conference Secretary. Dr. Foxx is the chair of the House Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Higher Education and serves as Vice Chair of the House Rules Committee.

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