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Foxx Introduces Pro-life Global Health Bill

WASHINGTON ­­– Yesterday, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R – N.C.) introduced H.R. 661, the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Act of 2019.  The bill would codify President Trump’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assis­­­tance (PLGHA), formerly known as the Mexico City Policy.  The PLGHA requires foreign NGOs to agree, as a condition of receiving global health assistance, that they will not perform or actively promote abortion.

Rep. Foxx stated, “The U.S. is the largest provider of global health funding in the world, and every dollar of funding we provide should be spent on health care that affirms the dignity of human life.  When we provide funding to foreign abortion providers and simply say the money cannot be spent on abortion, we are only subsidizing the costs of providing abortion in other ways.  Supporting the termination of human life in the names of ‘global health’ and ‘economic development’ must end for good, and this bill would do just that.”

Yesterday, Senator Mike Lee (R – UT) also introduced a companion bill, S. 190, Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Act of 2019.


U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx represents North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District and is Senior Republican of the House Committee on Education and Labor.

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