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The Real BBB: Biden's Border Bungle

For over a year, President Biden has searched far and wide for the elusive “root cause” of his self-inflicted border crisis – never once thinking to look at himself in the mirror. From the very start, Americans have taken his quest with a grain of salt – and rightfully so. His weak policies led to two million illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in one year. That’s almost equal to the entire population of North Carolina’s 5th District crossing the border illegally three times. Not to mention that more illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border in the last three months than in all of fiscal year 2020.

Entering year two, it’s a wonder that we even have a border left. Like a cancer, this problem continues to metastasize at an uncontrollable rate. In the last week of January, two Department of Homeland Security officials announced that there could be as many as 9,000 arrests per day at the southern border by spring. Border officials even estimated that nearly 400,000 illegal immigrants have already escaped into the United States. Those numbers are damning.

President Biden is breaking records, but not ones that he can hang his hat on. As if things could not get worse, scores of single adult illegal immigrants are being funneled across the United States on flights that are headed to a variety of destinations – Miami, Houston, and Atlanta to name a few. It has gotten to the point where this administration will do everything it can to hide its failures – even if it means protecting the very people who broke our nation’s laws in the first place.

Has the principle of law and order been stripped from this nation’s fabric entirely? Where is the unwavering commitment to protecting the integrity of America’s national security posture? What message is this administration sending to the rest of the world? These are the questions that everyday Americans are asking. This administration, however, is refusing to provide answers.

President Biden does not need to peer into a crystal ball to find out how to solve this border crisis – the answer is right in front of his face. If he had upheld the Remain in Mexico policy from day one, continued construction of the border wall, and had he not watered down the Title 42 COVID-19 order for migrants, every state would not have become a border state. Instead, he has chosen to double down on his open-border policies. When it comes to common sense, you’d be hard pressed to find it at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Either this crisis is nipped in the bud now or we’ll reap the ultimate consequence of what President Biden has sown: irreparable damage to this great country.

Published In The North State Journal

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