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Seniors, Look Out For This Scam

Every year, seniors are swindled out of $3 billion through deceptive scams that average $34,200 per person. Imagine the financial toll that both they and their families face from these fraudsters. Those circumstances are truly disheartening. If you subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you know that I often raise the alarm on emerging scams that target citizens in North Carolina’s 5th District. Today, I’m going to expose a scam that has operated in broad daylight for years.

The Seniors Center, an organization that alleges to advocate on behalf of the elderly, is nothing more than a predatory scheme. It has used deceptive messaging tactics to target seniors and rob them blind. This organization uses the false claim of “protecting Social Security benefits” to solicit donations – a common tactic that can be found in its newsletters and fundraising materials. Let me be clear: this organization has no ability to protect these programs.

What you may not know is that the Better Business Bureau and numerous senior advocacy groups have issued warnings about The Seniors Center for years. If you receive newsletters or solicitation letters in your mailbox from The Seniors Center, throw them away immediately. Unfortunately, I personally know many people who have lost money to this organization, and they’ll never see a dime of it back. It is downright shameful.

Avoiding these kinds of scams requires diligence, and I want to ensure that you have the best guidance. Below are three tips that can help you in the event you encounter these kinds of scams:

Do not provide your personal or financial information to ANY charity or organization unless it is reputable and verified by the Better Business Bureau.

Donate only to groups or charities you know and trust.

Be skeptical if you are uncertain about the legitimacy of a charitable organization, call your local Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce.

Staying informed on these issues is paramount, and I will continue to raise the alarm on scams that target your hard-earned money and sensitive personal information.

Published In The Wilkes Record

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