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Foxx Pushes for Fiscal Responsibility in National Security Supplemental

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement after the House passed the National Security Supplemental that provides resources for Israel, the Indo-Pacific, Ukraine, as well as additional measures to counter foreign aggression in each region:

“By allowing for a transparent and constructive process, the People’s House has created a stronger outcome of fulfilling our obligations to our allies in their time of need. The first step in quashing the possibility of a foreign war is enacting impactful deterrence measures. Without question, this is an axis versus allies moment, and deterrence is the optimal way to stop Iran, China, North Korea, and Russia in their tracks. If we were to have accepted the Senate’s blank check for foreign aid without reservation, this process would have never yielded a strong, ironclad product.

“That said, I was proud to support separate amendments during this process, specifically relating to Ukraine, with the sole intention of keeping aid targeted and narrow in scope. These amendments involved eliminating all non-military funding to Ukraine as well as to block an increase in the President’s drawdown authority and foreign military financing. Europe must also step up to the plate and ensure that Ukraine remains on a direct path to self-reliance so that this caliber of assistance is not necessary in the future. In the end, there remained a clear imperative of providing necessary assistance – and we rose to meet the moment.”

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