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When Disaster Relief Hurts

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

People here in North Carolina are asking, what is the hold up with disaster relief funding? Hurricane Florence happened eight months ago, and within two weeks of the storm, Congress passed $8.8 billion in regular appropriations to FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund as well as supplemental appropriations including $1.7 billion for the Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR). As disas...

U.S. Foreign Policy Promotes Real Global Health

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

The United States is once again taking the lead on true “family planning,” and that doesn’t include aborting unwanted children — especially with taxpayer money. From the start, the Trump administration has worked to build a wall between taxpayers and abortion-on-demand. From restoring and expanding Ronald Reagan’s “Mexico City Policy” (officially known as the Protecting Life in Global Health Assis...

Democrats Want State Majorities, Here's How They're Going to Get Them

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon decide on landmark partisan gerrymandering cases involving North Carolina and Maryland legislative maps. But the high court’s decision won’t matter if the Democrats succeed in using state courts to undemocratically secure majorities. It’s the fad du jour to complain about partisan gerrymandering, but there’s a more sinister power grab unfolding right under your nos...

Jewish Americans Deserve Better

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

As you have probably seen in recent headlines, our friend Israel has been unfairly attacked by new and loud voices in the House of Representatives. Far-left members of the Democratic Caucus have claimed that America’s support for Israel is bought by Jewish Americans, that Israel has no right to exist and that thinking otherwise is a betrayal of one’s patriotism. I condemn this anti-Semitic rhetori...

Legislating for Life, 46 Years After Roe

| Posted in Opinion Editorials
Tags: Values

This week marks the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that has forever changed the way our nation values life. Since that fateful decision, an estimated 60 million infants have been killed in the womb in the United States alone. This is an unspeakable tragedy and as long as we allow abortion to continue, it degrades the moral character of our country. Life is sacred, and the regard with...

TCJA Delivers New Opportunities & Opportunity Zones

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Since the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) last year, I have been meeting with workers and business leaders across North Carolina’s Fifth District to hear firsthand how this legislation is impacting my constituents. The vast majority of Americans is seeing more money in paychecks, and small businesses have been reaping the benefits of a fairer tax code. Furthermore, the economy is roari...

A $662 Billion Challenge: Transforming U.S. Grant Reporting

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

In 2017, the federal government awarded $662.7 billion in grants funding to state agencies, local and tribal governments, agencies, non-profits, universities, and other organizations. Roughly translated, this equates to the Gross Domestic Product of Switzerland – or more than the GDP of every country outside the G20. Within our federal government, there are 26 agencies awarding federal grants. And...

A Way Forward for National Park Maintenance

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Americans have always loved open spaces, beautiful scenery and tranquil places to visit and we have created national parks, forests, conservation lands, and recreation areas for the enjoyment of all which indicates how important these values are to our national heritage. Residents of the High Country are especially proud to have the Blue Ridge Parkway and other wonderful places close to home. Unfo...

UMITA is the Bipartisan Regulatory Relief Americans Need

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Each year, Washington imposes thousands of pages of rules and regulations on America’s commerce, our respective states, and local governments. Buried in those pages are costly, unfunded federal mandates that make it harder for businesses to hire and cash-strapped states, counties, and cities to serve their citizens. What’s more, under current law, the federal government can skirt public scrutiny i...

Time to Count the True Costs of Unfunded Mandates

| Posted in Opinion Editorials

Every year Washington bureaucrats impose thousands of regulatory mandates on state and local governments and small businesses. These mandates always come with a price—which is usually not paid by the federal government. Unfunded mandates strain city and state budgets; who pass costs on to North Carolina taxpayers and businesses. Businesses are then often forced to choose between employees and comp...

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